Ordering Information for Family Crest Rings

Eric Margry is the pre-eminent hand engraver of the Washington, D.C. area. He has engraved for the White House (both parties), fine jewelry stores (including Cartier), and many movie and sports stars. His training in the Netherlands combined with over 30 years experience in America makes him the best choice for your family crest ring.

18K Yellow Gold Family Crest Ring

Eric Margry has a studio in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA (next to Washington, DC). If you are local, you can drop by Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat 11am-5pm.
105 N. Union St. #229
Special Notice - No client meetings may take place in the Art Center until further notice

14K White Gold Family Crest Ring

You can also place your order by phone.
Eric Margry has made family crest rings for customers across the nation and you can be assured of quality craftsmanship
by his money back guarantee.
+1 703-548-7808
During the building closing until June 10th, please contact me by email only info@familycrestring.com

18K Yellow Gold Family Crest Ring
10 K yellow or
white gold
14 K yellow or
white gold
18 K yellow or
white gold
large ring
7/8x3/4" | 22x20mm | sizes 10-15
$2198 $3100 $4055
medium ring
11/16x5/8" | 18x16mm | sizes 8-13
$1808 $2393 $3223
pinkie ring
5/8x9/16" | 16x14mm | sizes 7-11
$1674 $2110 $2755
small ring
1/2x3/8" | 14x12mm | sizes 4-7
$1418 $1751 $2263

Prices above are estimates for full heraldic emblems hand engraved on oval rings in the historic methods for wax sealing- a traditional Family Crest Ring. Due to fluctuations in metal prices, ring prices may vary. Once you are quoted a price, it will be guaranteed.

Sterling Silver Rings will be approx. $800.

All Rings are top grade and manufactured in America. Because of the quality required to engrave so deeply for the family crest, other rings may not be hand engravable.

You can provide us with a copy of your Family Crest or we can look it up for you for $35.

Each ring is Hand Engraved by Eric Margry personally.You will receive your jewelry within 2 months of making a deposit. All work has a money back guarantee.

Signet Rings with your initials are available for $400 less than the above prices

14K Yellow Gold Family Crest Cufflinks and Tuxedo Studs

Cufflinks and Tuxedo Studs can be deeply hand engraved with your Family Crest. Or you can have a line hand engraving since cufflinks are not used as seals.

Pendants can be made by pressing your ring into wax and casting it in metal or line hand engraving a disc.

14K Yellow and White Gold Family Crest Pendant
14K Yellow Gold Family Crest Line Pendant

Create your own heirloom that can be passed down through generations.